25 Free Blog Promotion Tips and Tools

Written by WorkMonk on August 7th, 2012

So you have an amazing blog – with a unique concept, all the right posts and perfectly SEO-optimized content – and don’t know just how to launch it? Google ads and Facebook ads are certainly a great option, but an expensive one. But fret not, and read on to find out 25 time-tested and absolutely free ways of blog promotion.

  1. Use Social Media – You probably expected this in the first place, but  isn’t it obvious – given the relative importance social media has in business promotion. Every time you write a post, share an excerpt on Facebook, and share the link on other social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Have your blog’s accounts on all these sites as that is more professional as compared to using your personal accounts.
  2. Link to other blogs in your posts – I know a lot of people who use this trick to drive a lot of traffic to their blogs. This is not a very evident way of blog promotion, but is a very powerful one. When you link to other blogs, they are able to see which sites are sending them traffic, and this way you get to be on their radar. This way, some of the finest blogs get  to know about you and approach you for guest blogging, interlinking, etc.
  3. Comment on other blogs – Comment only on those blogs which are relevant, and have meaningful comment threads associated with them. A large number of people comment on random blogs and in a very haphazard manner too. This is how a lot of paid blog promotion ends up as irrelevant and spam comments on completely unrelated blogs and forums. When writing a comment, make sure it is useful, and if possible, try and include a link to a related post on your blog or include a short bio/introduction about yourself in the comment.
  4. Post frequently – Don’t abandon your blog for weeks altogether. It is best to have at least one new post everyday. When people like your blog and come back to it the next day, they should have something new and interesting to keep them hooked. Stale pages will only make you lose your loyal followers.
  5. Include blog information on your business card - In fact, not just your business card, even your online signature. Having a link handy at all times ensures a higher probability of getting readers than having no link at all. You can include the link on your personal social media pages as well.
  6. Interlink all your websites and blogs - If you own multiple websites and blogs, interlink all of them into one network. If even one of them is getting very good traffic, it translates to heavier traffic for the rest of your pages as well. Moreover, you get a lot of free advertising space for your other websites.
  7. Guest blog – This one sounds a lot easier than done. It is very difficult to find high-traffic blogs to allow you to post as a guest blogger. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. If your friends or colleagues have a blog that gets more traffic than yours, you can request them to let you guest post. At the end of the post you can include a short description about yourself and your blog.
  8. Participate in online forums – Your presence on forums across the web will automatically invite a lot of people to check out your blog. When you sign up on any website, do not forget to include a link to your blog on your profile page. People love to visit other people’s profiles, and when they are visiting yours, they should be able to find your blog.
  9. Join communities – You can join various online blogging communities such as MyBlogLogJoin, Bumpzee, Blog Catalog. These platforms will help you learn a lot of new things and you can also come across some great bloggers and learn from them. Joining blogging communities will also provide you a lot of insight into latest blogging trends.
  10. Submit to article directories – The posts that you write can also be submitted to article directories like Ezine and About. The problem is that the content may not rank very well in search engine results. But on the bright side, you get a lot of back links, and hence a lot of traffic for your site.
  11. Business directories – Make use of business directories like dmoz and business.com. You can submit the link to your blog or website on these websites along with a short write-up about your services.
  12. Classifieds – Classifieds are free and there are plenty of them out these. These are one of the best free blog promotion tools and generate very highly targeted audience. You can use free classifieds websites like craigslist, and local websites like sulekha, etc.
  13. Invite your contacts – Email all the addresses on your mail and social networking sites and give them a link to your blog. Inviting personal contacts is a great way of spreading word about your new blog and goes a long way in promoting freshly launched blogs.
  14. Stay in touch with your readers – It is important to have an email marketing campaign, especially in the initial stages of blog promotion. Send every new registered user a thank you note, contact them every month with an interesting newsletter, get a customer relationship management software if you must.
  15. Forums – Forums are another excellent way of building contacts and promoting your blog among varied audiences.Although they are not as popular as blogs are these days, they still retain a massive loyal user base. You can easily find a lot of forums which pertain exactly to the kind of audience you are looking for.
  16. Social bookmarking sites – A lot of bloggers submit some of their best posts to social bookmarking sites like netscape, digg, stumbleupon and reddit. Good articles, when bookmarked, assure you long lasting traffic and readers who keep coming back to your blog. Social bookmarking sites are indeed one of the best blog promotion tools you can have.
  17. Portfolio sites – If you are an artist or a designer and want to promote your blog, you should have samples of your work on popular portfolio websites like deviatart, behance and portfolios.com. While browsing through work, people often like to read about the contributor, and when they look up your profile, they are also very likely to check out your blog.
  18. Tutorial sites – Creating tutorials – presentations, videos, or even articles – on tutorial websites is a great way of getting your blog in the limelight. For example, if you are expert at something, you can create several how-to articles and submit them to websites like ehow. All these websites require you to submit a short bio about yourself where you can include your blog link. If readers like your tutorials, they will also want to come to your blog for more.
  19. Youtube video – A lot of bloggers, especially those who also have small businesses associated with them, have a short youtube video that highlights their features, how they work, and how they can make a difference to their users. Moreover, videos are likely to attract more views as compared to lengthy articles and newsletters. So it is important that you have a professional video about your blog. You can link the same to your other social media pages.
  20. Link exchange with fellow bloggers – While some might see it as competition, a few smart bloggers have made great business by teaming with their rivals. You can actually share posts from your competitors’ blogs if they agree to share yours in return. It is not only a great blog promotion tool, it also gives your readers a lot of variety in content.
  21. Free ebooks – This one always works! Have a few good titles up for grabs on your blog. People take everything that is free, and when it something useful, you are bound to get tonnes of hits.
  22. Press releases – Press releases are another age old method of promoting blogs and websites. Getting coverage in a local newspaper, magazine, or even having another website to publish a story about your blog can promote your blog by leaps and bounds.
  23. Free downloads such as themes – Just as with free ebooks, if you are a designer of developer, you can have free giveaways such as phone and desktop themes, games, and applications. Freebies are definitely one of the best ways of promoting your blog or website.
  24. Interactive blog – Having quizzes, contests, and polls on the blog will make users participate more actively.
  25. Hire someone – All the above mentioned ways of promoting a blog take a lot of time and patience. If you are busy handling multiple blogs, or run a blog as a hobby/part-time job, you can actually hire someone to do the blog promotion for you. WorkMonk offers blog promotion services such as international and local search engine optimization, on-page and off-page optimization service, SEO reporting service, and link-building at the most affordable rates.

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